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Bakhoor Oud ALANOOD ALFAKHER(30gms) Oud ALANOOD ALFAKHER is extravagant & sensuous Bukhoor wood chip incense. A beautiful bukhoor, gentle to burn and slow to release the fragrance. How to use Bakhoor? To use bakhoor you need a bakhoor and bakhoor burner, charcoal and a lighter. First you need to light up the charcoal, than place that on the burner. Now put the bakhoor on the charcoal and Let the smoke of fragrance fill the air of the place but not too much since this can take much oxygen from the room. The fragrance stays there after the smoke goes away. Don’t open the windows till the room is saturated with the fragrance carried by the smoke of Bakhoor. One can use Electric burner as well. To perfume the clothes with Bakhoor, just expose the cloth directly to the smoke of Bakhoor for 30 to 50 second. * All of our products are 100% Authentic, Original & Brand New

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